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... the beach at Oakledge Park, 1 Flynn Avenue, Burlington Vermont.

Now serving the Champlain Islands! See our Islands Page for details.
Words and pictures from Stand Up Paddle adventures around the Green Mountain State.


The Huffington Post published a piece on a private lesson with Paddlesurf Champlain. Thanks to Health Magazine editor and Vermont native Su Reid for some great paddleboard writing! Click here

We did a fun interview with Vermont Public Radio about the SUP phenomenon on Lake Champlain. Hear it here

Burlington's Seven Days did a story about Stand Up Paddling during its beginnings in Vermont. Click here for the story.

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Paddle on land

Paddlesurf Champlain now offers the Kahuna Big Stick and longboards. You'll have a workout and the sweetest ride on land!

Winter Paddleboarding in Vermont

If you like to carve, this is for you. Ask about our Kahuna and Snowshift snow paddles ... 
Check out the SUP Vermont blog for more on Snow Paddling.

Introducing: North Beach paddleboarding and kayaking!

Promoting Stand Up Paddling in the Champlain Valley of Vermont

Experience the fun and freedom of Stand Up Paddleboarding — SUP — on the Northeast’s premier mountain lake. What’s better than taking in the spectacular Lake Champlain sunsets, gliding past lush and colorful shoreline, enjoying Green Mountain and Adirondack vistas, all while taking part in a healthful sport rooted in the Hawaiian spirit of Aloha …


PaddleSurf Champlain means Stand Up Paddleboarding in Vermont, offering lessons and guided tours, short- and long-term rentals, and affordable boards and paddles from our summer location at Oakledge Park and Beach — right on the Burlington Bike Path!

Get a new perspective on Vermont's waterways. Stand Up with Paddlesurf Champlain!


Our private and group lessons take students through everything you need to know to enjoy this great sport the first time you try it. Board, paddle and life jacket are included in the price of the lesson. Lessons can be scheduled for individuals and groups of all sizes by email: or phone, (802) 881-4905.

PRICING: $30 per hour

CLASS SYNOPSIS: We'll start with a discussion of the features of the surfboard and paddle; go over wind and weather considerations, safety practices and U.S. Coast Guard regulations; learn the different Stand Up Paddle strokes on land before entering the water; feel the balance point of the board from a kneeling position on water then get a feel for the board from the standing position; discuss advanced strokes and board-handling skills in the Stand Up Paddle position.

** Students completing the introductory lesson get $10 off a half- or full-day board and paddle rental!

   You have tons of experience paddling on lakes and flatwater. You're comfortable on your board and can paddle distances without a hint of falling. You're ready to take your paddleboarding to the next level and connect with the roots of the sport (and maybe a trip to the coast is in your future). OUR STEP-UP CLINIC IS FOR YOU!
   Paddlesurf Champlain instructors will give you a head start for paddling the ocean and getting into the surf on your SUP, here on Lake Champlain. Learn how to spot waves and choose the right one to catch, techniques for paddling out into the waves, how to step back and pivot yourself into position to ride, where to be on your board when paddling into a wave, when and how to switch into your surf stance, and how to get yourself into the wave's sweet spot.
   We'll use wind and boat waves on Lake Champlain if conditions permit, or learn it all on flatwater.
   Cost is $30. Class time is one hour.

$15 for 1.5 hours; $40 half day; $60 full day

Weekday special: $12 from 10 a.m.-Noon and 5:30-8 p.m.

Staying in Vermont? We offer multi-day, weekly and multi-week rentals. (Delivery and pickup available in the Burlington area, the Champlain Islands and throughout Northern Vermont.) Call (802) 881-4905 or email for details.

Our summer location, Oakledge Park and Beach

We have a variety of boards for sale at the best prices you will find. Specializing in Evolve, Glide and Liquid Shredder.
Inquire about our current inventory at (802) 881-4905, or e-mail: 


Let an experienced local paddler lead you around Burlington Bay and along the eastern shores of Lake Champlain. Tours can be scheduled for groups of all sizes through email: or phone, (802) 881-4905. Read about our favorite tour routes below; routes are subject to change to accommodate wind, weather and water conditions.

Pricing: 60 minute tour:  $25 per person
90 minute tour:  $35 per person
2-hour tour:  $45 per person

The Sunset Tour:

We'll head south out of Oakledge Park about 75 minutes before the Lake Champlain sun sets over the Adirondack Mountains, reaching the beaches of South Cove in time to watch the sky and water light up orange. The way back will offer westerly views as the sun disappears behind the mountains and we complete the journey back to Oakledge Park as the lake quiets down at dusk. Tour Time: 90 minutes

The Beginner: 

Take a cruise from the main beach at Oakledge Park to the South Cove area. This is a short cruise of less than a mile out and back. It offers a close-up look at the offshore lighthouse at Oakledge and a great view of the Burlington skyline. Tour time: 60 minutes 

The Downtowner

Head north out of Oakledge and parallel the Burlington Bike Path into the downtown area. See where the “Spirit of Ethan Allen” ferry docks, view the Patrick Leahy Echo science center from offshore and cruise past Burlington’s grassy Waterfront Park. Tour time: 60 minutes

Red Rocks

We’ll paddle our way south out of Oakledge Park and skirt the rocky shoreline into Shelburne Bay. Around the corner lies Red Rocks Park, where interesting rock formations jut out over the water, and we can watch the cliff jumpers brave 40-foot drops into the lake! Tour time: 90 minutes.

Shelburne Point (advanced)

This tour takes paddlers Southwest out of Oakledge Park, paddling seemingly straight into the expansive Adirondack wilderness. Soon we are out into the broader lake, opening up views of the Green Mountains to the east. The destination is Shelburne Point, with its sunny, secluded beaches and towering rock formations. It’s a good place to refresh before heading back east to the Oakledge Park shore. Tour time: 2 hours.

What is Stand Up Paddleboarding?

            Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a blend of surfing and paddling that allows you to stand and glide over water on a uniquely designed stable surfboard.

            The sport is fun, easy to learn and can provide a rewarding full-body workout or a rhythmic, peaceful tour.

            Stand Up Paddling has its roots in surfing and in recent years has exploded in popularity on lakes and rivers across the country. Once you try it, and experience the ease of motion, the Aloha spirit and the feeling of standing and gliding over water, you'll see why people of all ages and abilities are getting hooked on the sport.

SUP in Vermont Community ... Aloha ... Fitness


LOOKING FOR A MORE ACTIVE STAND UP PADDLING EXPERIENCE? PaddleSurf Champlain is the first surf school offering surf skiing lessons! Surf Skiing is new sport that has emerged from the snow and surf industries as a combination of surfing and skiing. PaddleSurf Champlain's clinics will involve students in the sport during its very beginnings. 
Surf Skiing inventor and PaddleSurf Champlain owner Jason Starr will teach students about the sport, the features of the skis and paddle and how to integrate a cross-country style leg kick and paddle stroke into a single, smooth motion over water.
This clinic is for students interested in combining strength, balance and coordination in a fast-moving and fun new water sport that builds full-body strength and stamina. The clinic will provide a basis for students to take surf skis into ocean and river environments and be among the first to ski waves and whitewater. Click here for more about the sport.

SURF SKIING CLINIC (90 minutes) — $45
Schedule through e-mail or phone at (802) 881-4905.

Stand Up Surf Skiing ... Lake Champlain

Big wave Surf Skiing ... Chuck Patterson

Photo by Mike Jones; Location California
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